Paintbrush Pin Membership Program
Here’s how the program works.  For each petition a girl brings in (the first line signer), she will receive a paint brush pin, Red for her first petition, Orange for her second, etc.  The Mother Advisor will submit the form to Erin Dauber after the new member has been initiated, and she will send the Mother Advisor the brush pins. For the eighth member brought in, Mom Poma will present the palette pin at Grand Assembly. Can a girl earn more than one set of pins?  Absolutely!  We really hope many do.   Mother Advisors should submit a from to Erin Dauber after EVERY initiation.  Only the top signer on the petition will receive a pin.  Deadline is 4/16/2017. PIN FORM FOR THE MA TO SUBMIT
Erin Dauber 501 E. Beck St. Columbus OH. 43206