Supreme Assembly
in Hampton VA, 2018 
July 25- Aug 1, 2018
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              Past Supreme Assemblies          1966          Denver CO          1968          Toronto Ontario          1970          Cleveland OH          1972          Oklahoma City OK          1974          New Orleans LA          1976          Anaheim CA          1978          Louisville KY          1980          Philadelphia, PA          1982          Charleston, WV          1984          Little Rock AK          1986          Bismark, ND          1988          Mobile AL          1990          Phoenix AZ          1992          Fort Worth TX          1994          Baltimore MD          1996          Seattle WA          1998          St. Louis MO          2000          Buffalo NY          2002          Orlando FL          2004          Colorado Springs CO          2006          Oklahoma City, OK          2008          Chicago, Illinois          2010          Omaha, Nebraska          2012          Grand Rapids, MI          2014          Baltimore, MD          2016          Providence, RI          2018          Hampton, Virginia         FUTURE SUPREME ASSEMBLIES         2020          Reno Nevada
Whitney, and Dad and Mom Morris
Shelby, our new GWA carrying the Ohio Flag..
Shelby with Ohio Flag.
Our Ohio deligation!
More of our Ohio people.
Kate R. was the Mistress of Ceremonies for Grand Cross.
The Supreme East.
Whitney, Shelby and Mom Morris.
Macaela L. won 3rd place in the ritual competition!